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Over the years, the Comfort/Cougher family of Santa Cruz has assembled for family get-together's of all sorts...

Comfort Family, about 1938. Click to enlage.
circa 1938

Back LtoR: Robert Comfort, Willis Williams, Ruth Darland, Alyce (Comfort) Darland, Edith (Comfort) Sundean, (baby) David Williams, Bert Darland, Marguerite (Comfort) Williams, Wayne Comfort, Clyde Comfort Sr. (the ears!), Keith Comfort, Alice (Cougher) Comfort.
Front: Carol Sundean, Dick Williams, Billy Darland, Harold Sundean Jr., Clyde Comfort Jr.

Comfort Picnic, about 1940. Click to enlarge.
circa 1940

Back row LtoR: Keith Comfort, Alice (Cougher) Comfort, Billy Darland, Wayne Comfort, Ruth Darland?
Front row: Willis Williams, Marguerite (Comfort) Williams, Edith (Comfort) Sundean, Carol Sundean.

Christmas 1964 at the Williams' house.  Click for enlarge.
Christmas 1964 at the Williams' house.

Standing LtoR: Clyde Comfort Jr., Keith Comfort, Alice (Lopez) Comfort, Clyde Comfort Sr., Scott, Dick & Peggy Williams, Pamela Comfort, Margerie (Hauselt) Sundean, Evelyn (Rose) Comfort, Marvin Sundean, Ellen Balzari (a Sundean friend from church), Edith (Comfort) Sundean, Jenice Comfort, Harold Sundean Sr.
Siting: Connie Sundean, Gaye Comfort, Alice (Cougher) Comfort, Lynda Williams, Delcee Comfort, Michelle Williams, Rise Comfort, Janis Comfort, Stephen Williams, Melvin Sundean.

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