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Please help identify the people in these pictures. Many have already been identified and moved to the Photo Gallery. Look for updates to this page as more unidentified photos are added.

Grace Inis (Cougher) Nadeau's Family
Grace Inis[Inez] (Cougher) Nadeau is the sister of Alice Lenora (Cougher) Comfort.
These photos came from Marguerite (Comfort) Williams' photo album of a 1953 trip she and her son David took to several states, mostly to visit relatives.
Unknown Family - 1953
The family of Jack and Kay Nadeau. Children: ?
[Identified by Betty Jean (Harper) Nadeau]

Unkown Family - 1953
New! Hazel Neghase (Nadeau) Miser, Marguerite and son David Williams at rear.
Larry, Jimmy, and Sherry Miser, Children of Virgil Dee Miser, son of Hazel, and Betty Jo Miser (dau of Hazel) squatting.
[Identified by Rosalie Narcomey Palmer]

Laura (Cougher) Goddard's Family
Laura (Cougher) Goddard is the sister of Alice Lenora (Cougher) Comfort.
James Eugene Goddard

from the back of the photo

[New! October 2008. James Goddard contacted me to identify himself! He is the only child of James Hugh Goddard and grandson of Laura (Cougher) Goddard. This photo was taken in 1951 at San Diego, Calif.]
James Eugene Goddard

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