John M. Sundean, son of ? Sundean and ? ? , was born May 21,1872 in Sweden. He married Hilma K\Christine Lindberg . He died November 28, 1959 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co, California. Hilma K\Christine Lindberg, daughter of ? Lindberg and ? Christina , was born March 03, 1873 in Pennsylvania. She died August 12, 1956 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co, California.

Children of John M. Sundean and Hilma K\Christine Lindberg are:
1. Harald Adelphus Sundean, b. June 10, 1900 See Harald Adelphus Sundean & Edith Pearl Comfort OR Harald Adelphus Sundean & Grace ?
2. Rudolph Karl\Carl Sundean, b. December 25, 1902
3. Earl John Sundean, b. abt. 1910
4. John M. Sundean, b. January 01, 1893
5. Mildren B. "Edna?" Sundean, b. between May 11, 1897 and May 10, 1898 See ? Johnson & Mildren B. "Edna?" Sundean
6. Olen? Sundean, b. January 01, 1899
7. Edith Sundean, b. April 01, 1895

Notes for John M. Sundean:

Obituary excerpts: A native of Sweden, Sundean migrated to the United
States as a young man and settled in Nebraska where he married Hilma
Lindberg. A shoemaker by trade, Sundean followed the work throughout his
life except for several years as a farmer in Minnesota.
He came to Santa Cruz in 1925 and ran a shoe shop on Pacific avenue.
After five years he returned to Hinckley, inn., and remained there until
1949 when he returned here.
... six grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren.

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Notes for Hilma K\Christine Lindberg:

Obit excerpt: A native of Wilcox, Pa., Mrs. Sundean met her husband,
John M. Sundean, while singing in a Lutheran church choir in Axtel Nebr.
They were marrried on Oct. 13, 1897. The Sundeans lived in Lincoln,
Nebr., Springfield, Ohio, Minneapolis, Minn., and Hinckley, Minn., before
coming to Santa Cruz ten years ago.
... 6 grandchildren, 11 great-grand-children and many nieces and nephews.

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Notes for Rudolph Karl\Carl Sundean:

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Notes for Earl John Sundean:

Sources for Earl John Sundean:

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Notes for John M. Sundean:

Notes for Olen? Sundean:

Notes for Edith Sundean:

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