James Frederick O'Daniel, son of James Franklin O'Daniel and Julia Ann Spalding , was born June 05,1881 in Pottawatomie Co, Kansas. He married Evelyn A. McLaughlin December 17, 1902 in of Pottawatomie, Kansas. He died November 11, 1930 in at home near Westmoreland, Pottawatomie, Kansas. Evelyn A. McLaughlin, daughter of Claud A. McLaughlin and Mary S. ? , was born November 01, 1881 in Kansas.

Children of James Frederick O'Daniel and Evelyn A. McLaughlin are:
1. Frank W. "Frankie" O'Daniel, b. abt. 1904
2. Bernice O'Daniel, b. abt. 1905
3. Geraldine J. O'Daniel, b. abt. 1908
4. Winifred E. O'Daniel, b. abt. 1915
5. Max G. O'Daniel, b. abt. 1917
6. Naomi Jean "Nelma" O'Daniel, b. abt. 1919

Notes for James Frederick O'Daniel:

Source: Donald H. Grob, Kansas Historical Society, Microfilm Roll O119

The Onaga Herald
November 13, 1930
Fred O'Daniel Fatally Shot.
One of the most atrocious and coldblooded crimes in the history of this
county took place last Tuesday evening about 7:30 o'clock, when Fred
O'Daniel, county commissioner from the first district, was shot and
instantly killed at his beautiful farm home, just south of Westmoreland.
Mr. O'Daniel was sitting at the supper table with his family when the
shot was fired, the bullet entering through a screened in porch, a window
pane, and penetrating his skull.
Mr. O'Daniel has served the county for nearly eight years as commissioner
and was well liked by everyone. No motive for such a crime can be im
agined, although at this time, county officers say that they are working
on several clues which may lead to the arrest of the guilty party.

Sources for James Frederick O'Daniel:

  1. LDS IGI, "10 Nov 1930"

Notes for Evelyn A. McLaughlin:

Source: Donald H. Grob, Kansas Historical Society, Microfilm Roll O119
The Onaga Herald
February 26, 1931
Mrs. O'Daniel's Car Wrecked.
As Mrs. Fred O'Daniels and children were returning home from Manhattan
Tuesday evening about six o'clock, she met a car coming south about 1
miles north off No. 40. Knowing the road was slippery, she slowed down,
got as far as possible to her side of the road, but it was impossible to
keep from being hit by the oncoming car. The radiator and front wheels
of the O'Daniel car were badly smashed, fenders and steering wheel were
broken. Mrs. O'Daniel kept her head, put on the brakes, but finding she
had no control at the wheel, let the car go into the ditch. No one was
Russell Benett, of Wyoming, was the driver of the car that caused the
accident. Harvey Roberts and wife came along about the time of the
accident and picked up Mrs. O'Daniel and brought them home. There was no
insurance on the O'Daniel car.-Westmoreland Recorder.

Notes for Frank W. "Frankie" O'Daniel:

Also known as: /Frankie/

Notes for Bernice O'Daniel:

Notes for Geraldine J. O'Daniel:

Notes for Winifred E. O'Daniel:

Notes for Max G. O'Daniel:

Notes for Naomi Jean "Nelma" O'Daniel:

Also known as: /Nelma/
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