George Siegle, son of George Siegle and Catherine Frederika Lang , . He married Minnie Taylor . Minnie Taylor, daughter of Stephen B. Taylor and ? ? , .

Notes for George Siegle:

Per Frank Siegle: George's parents moved to the Eureka Lake area from
Pennsylvania sometime after the civil war. George was named after his
father and was the oldest of the brood. His father had married Catherine
Frederika Lang in New York. George and Catherine moved from Eureka Lake
to Ashland Bottoms and farmed there until they retired to Manhattan, (Ks)
leaving the farm to their youngest son, Dan (my grandfather). George and
Minnie had moved to Oklahoma where they settled and raised a family ,
most of whom stayed in Oklahoma and raised families of their own.

Notes for Minnie Taylor:

Merrie' note; the obituary of Margaret Taylor Washington states that
Minnie Siegle was a half sister. Also the obituary of Ina May Ellis.
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