Robert Comfort, son of Robart Cumfort , . He married Elizabeth Betts October 19, 1722 in Newtown Presb. Church, Long Island, New York. Elizabeth Betts, daughter of Thomas Betts and Mercy Whitehead , .

Children of Robert Comfort and Elizabeth Betts are:
1. Thomas Comfort
2. Robert Comfort
3. Jacob Comfort
4. John Comfort
5. Benjamin Comfort
6. Richard Comfort, b. August 15, 1745 See Richard Comfort & Charity Perkins
7. Elizabeth Comfort
8. Mercy Comfort
9. Mary Comfort

Notes for Robert Comfort:

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We have found no reason to suspect that Samuel or Richard left
any descendants; Robart, however, assuredly did, and we have strong
evidence of who some of them were. In 1715, Robert Comfort, Jr., was
named as a member of Capt. Daniel Stevensonís Military Company of New-
town. The "Jr." of this record certainly points to Robart Cumfort as
the father of Robert, Jr.; no other Comforts appear in the 1698 census,
nor do any other records suggest that another family of Comforts was
then on Long Island. To digress in order to conclude the story of
Robart -- in 1722, when Elizabeth Betts married Robert Comfort, he is
no longer referred to as Robert, Jr.; from this, we conclude that
Robart died between 1715 and 1722.

If Robert, Jr., is accepted as the son of Robart, two more of his
sons can be identified. John Comfort of Lanesboro, Pennsylvania,
stated in his letter to his son Silas that "brothers of the name of
Comfort -- Robert, Benjamin, and John moved from Long Island." As the
Robert mentioned was John of Lanesboroís grandfather, the evidence is
strong that Benjamin and John were also children of Robart . This con-
clusion is supported by a letter written by Thomas Jefferson Comfort
in which he says that his grandfather was Robert, "the brother of a
John who settled in New Jersey." In addition, Amzi Wickman Comfort,
Thomas Jefferson Comfortís son, named Benjamin, John, and Thomas as
brothers of Robert. Of Thomas, more later; but the evidence strikes
us as conclusive that Robart Cumfort was the father of Robert, Jr.,
John, and Benjamin.


Page 98 IV Robert Comfort of Netown and Ulster County, New York
Lacking evidence to the contrary, we believe that he was b. at Newton; at
least, he was there in 1715, when he appears as a member of Capt. Daniel
Stevenson's Military Company. Somewhat later, he moved up the Hudson.
Amzi Wickman comfort dated the removal about 1740 and said that he went
to Fishkill, Dutchess Co. John comfort of Lanesboro placed it at about
the time (i. e. 1719) that John Comfort went into New Jersey and said
that he went to the vicinity of Montgomery, Orange Co. The record at the
Newton Presb. Ch. of the death of one of his children in 1736 suggests
that 1740 is approximately correct. Dr. Mandred Comfort stated, upon
what authority we do not know, that he later moved to New Marlborough in
Ulster Co. He was certainly near Wallkill, Ulster Co., in 1743, for on
Oct. 18, 1743, he witnessed a codocil to the will of Henry Wileman, "now
resident of Wilemanton on the Paltz [now the Wallkill] River in Ulster
County." Wilemanton was a few miles down the river from Wallkill.
He may possibly have been the Robert Comfort who signed the Articles
of Association in Mamkating Twp., Ulster Co., in 1775.

Sources for Robert Comfort:

  1. History: Comfort Families of America, p.3

Notes for Elizabeth Betts:

Page 98
Her parents, Thomas and Mercy Whitehead Betts, and most of her family
were Quakers.

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