George W. Cougher was born 1820 in Pennsylvania. He married Caroline Matilda Glover December 26, 1837 in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He died April 20, 1893 in Tarentum, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Caroline Matilda Glover was born February 18, 1819 in Pennsylvania. She died October 09, 1877 in Summerville "Troy", Jefferson Co, Pennsylvania.

Children of George W. Cougher and Caroline Matilda Glover are:
1. John Glover Cougher, b. September 15, 1838 See John Glover Cougher & Eliza Sanders Matthews OR John Glover Cougher & Clara Buehl OR John Glover Cougher & Anna E. Morris OR John Glover Cougher & Belle C. ? OR John Glover Cougher & Cora E. ?
2. Charles Holmes Cougher, b. May 18, 1840
3. Margaret Fanny Cougher, b. abt. 1842
4. Eliza Catherine Cougher, b. abt. 1845
5. Mary Alice Cougher, b. April 14, 1848 See Artemus Pitcairn & Mary Alice Cougher
6. Clara (Loneta?) Cougher, b. July 21, 1847
7. F Cougher, b. abt. 1859
8. C Cougher, b. abt. 1854

Marriage Notes for George W. Cougher\Caroline Matilda Glover:

Married by T. J. Thompson, Minster of the Gospel, M.E. Church.
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, 212 Pine St, Harrisburg, PA

Notes for George W. Cougher:

GOUGHER, John b. 10 Apr 1764 d. 16 Mar 1847 age
GAUGHER, Catharine A. d. 28 Mar 1852
age 82 years
sdw: Are the above parents of George Cougher?
312 C**er Catherine 1 male 16-24, 1 female 45&up,
Occp 1 COM
312 Cougher Peter 3 males 0-10, 1 maile 26-45, 1
female 26-45, Occp 1 MFG, 1 COM
sdw: More relations?

Sources for George W. Cougher:

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Notes for Caroline Matilda Glover:

Also known as: /Matilda/

Sources for Caroline Matilda Glover:

  1. Census: 1850-PA, Perry Co, Petersburg,

Notes for Charles Holmes Cougher:

Also known as: /Charley/

Description: 5 feet 4 inches, dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair and
by occupation nail cutter. 6 Aug 1861 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co,

Wounded in battle at Salem Heights Va, Misc 3 May 1863 Fredericksburg,

Affidavit: "wounded by gunshot in breast about two inches above the heart
at battle of Fredericksburg VA" on the fourth day of May 1863 who bore at
the time of his death the rank of Corporal in Co F 102nd.
[Source: from Charles H. Cougher's Pension pack obtained and provided by
Arlene Sloan. Application No. 329256, Certficate No. 223349]

102 PA Vols show him "wounded in action near Brick Church, 4 miles from
Fredericksburg VA, 3 May 1863. Died 5 May 1863.
Descriptive book Co F 102 PA Vols show him "Died 5 May 1863 at Potomac
Creek from effects of gunshot wound.
[from Arlene Sloan]

"The campaign of Chancellorsville opened on the 27th of April...
"At Salem Church, midway between Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville,
the enemy was found in great strength, Lee having sent back a heavy body
from the Chancellorsville front to overpower and prevent the Sixth Corps
from joining Hooker. ...
"Chas. H. Cougher, John B. Devaux and Frank McCord were among the
killed, and among the wounded were Jas. D. Duncan, Jas. Hunt, Andrew
Armstrong, Benj. F. McGowan, Wm. H. Byers, P. Gavin, Peter McCabe and Wm.
J. Briggs. The loss of the 102d in this battle was twelve killed,
fifty-five wounded and one hundred missing. ..."
[Source: Military: 1855-1891-PA-Pittsburgh, History of the Washington
Infantry. Thirty-sixth anniversary. Page 31]

Sources for Charles Holmes Cougher:

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  2. Military: PA-Pittsburgh, History of the Washington Infantry-1855-1891, p37"Cougher, Charles H, private Co D, 13th P V; Corporal Co F, 102nd P V. Killed at Salem Heights, Va, May 3 1863"
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  6. Military: PA-Pennsylvania, History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5., probable sourceDistinguished Service, Union army, Unit Number 2077, Service Record: Enlisted as a Corporal on 21 August 1861, Enlisted in Company F, 102nd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 21 August 1861. Wounded on 05 May 1863 at Salem Heights, VA. Died of wounds Company F, 102nd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 07 May 1863"
  7. Newspaper: NY-New York Times, 1863-5-11, p02, Col 4"The Great Battles In Virginia. Further Lists of Casualties. ... Chas. Cougher, Co. F. 102, Pennsylvania--since dead"
  8. Cemetery: PA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Cemetery, "d. May 1863, removed 4/21/1864"

Notes for Margaret Fanny Cougher:

Sources for Margaret Fanny Cougher:

  1. Census: 1850-PA, Perry Co, Petersburg,

Notes for Eliza Catherine Cougher:

Sources for Eliza Catherine Cougher:

  1. Census: 1850-PA, Perry Co, Petersburg,

Notes for Clara (Loneta?) Cougher:

Sources for Clara (Loneta?) Cougher:

  1. Cemetery: PA, Perry Co, Duncannon, Duncannon Union Cem, CAUGHER, Clara (Loneta?), d. 9 Aug 1849, age 2-0-19, d/o George & Matilda C.

Notes for F Cougher:

Notes for C Cougher:

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