John Glover Cougher, son of George W. Cougher and Caroline Matilda Glover , was born September 15,1838 in Pennsylvania. He married Clara Buehl between 1873 and 1880. He died abt. 1915. Clara Buehl was born July 01, 1849 in Germany.

Children of John Glover Cougher and Clara Buehl are:
1. Alice Lenora Cougher, b. March 16, 1881 See Robert Josiah Comfort & Alice Lenora Cougher
2. Laura Cougher, b. July 01, 1885 See John Henry Goddard & Laura Cougher
3. Grace Inis Cougher, b. August 25, 1889 See Carl? Bennet\Bennett? & Grace Inis Cougher OR John Joseph Nadeau & Grace Inis Cougher

Other Marriages for John Glover Cougher:
See John Glover Cougher & Eliza Sanders Matthews OR John Glover Cougher & Anna E. Morris OR John Glover Cougher & Belle C. ? OR John Glover Cougher & Cora E. ?

Other Marriages for Clara Buehl:
See Ludwig Krohn & Clara Buehl

Notes for John Glover Cougher:

[ Interview Notes: Edith (Comfort) Sundean ] "Divorced; Moved to
Liberal, KN; Hypnotist; Founder of Liberal Party.]

Rowdy times in Kansas City
Date: 10/31/97
[ ]
"Enough is enough"
Because it happened the day Jesse James was shot dead in St. Joseph
[killed on April 3, 1882] , the lynching of Levi Harrington was relegated
to the back pages of local newspapers. The press later reported that
Harrington was just a bystander the night Officer Jones died.
Among the many sensational crimes of the early 1880s, the lynching wasn't
even the story of the week. But tragedies like it triggered pockets of
protests, cries for civility.
"I hand you herewith one dollar for the relief of the destitute family
of Levi Harrington," wrote a plasterer named J.G. Cougher, a white man,
in a letter to The Evening Star.

[ William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
was first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL. ]
The Knights of Labor, a social, political and beneficial secret order,
have an assembly in this city, known as the Argo Assembly, No. 2,005. It
was organized June 21,1882, and it now has a membership or over seventy.
It is composed of wage-workers, producers and businessmen and women. The
officers are: J. G. Cougher, M. W. Frank Donnelly, W. T.; Edwin Berg,
Secretary; W. O. Henderson, Treasurer; O. T. Angell, Financial Secretary.

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Notes for Clara Buehl:

[Interview Notes: Edith (Comfort) Sundean] born in Berlin. ' She was
"High German" '.

[Stories from the Grace (Cougher) Nadeau's family via Frances Miller,
Clara's mother died on the ship while coming to America. Clara had
several brothers that settled in Pennsylvania. It was believe that Clara
might have been the only girl in the family.

After John Glover's first wife, Eliza, died shortly after giving birth,
he hired Clara to be a "wet nurse" for his young baby. Clara's husband
(unknown) had just been killed in an explosion (a mine?) and at the time
she was expecting their child. Clara's baby died soon after being born.
Clara was then able to nurse John's child. Soon after, John and Clara
were married.

[Interview: Bernice (Nadeau) via Reba (Nadeau) email]
Reba: "When I told Bernice about not finding any record of Clara dying,
being buried where, etc. she immediately said that is because she was
buried in a pauper's grave. She remembers very vividly our mother
telling her that and Bernice said she asked our mother what is a pauper
and was told about when a person dies and has no money or anyone to bury
them then they are put in a pauper's grave. They came out of her mouth
so quickly I am sure that is what she was told."

Sources for Clara Buehl:

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  2. Death Cert: Comfort, Alice Lenora (Cougher), name, place of birth
  3. Census: 1900-KS, Pottawatomie Co, Sherman Twp, "July 1849"

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