Keith Raymond Comfort, son of Robert Josiah Comfort and Alice Lenora Cougher , was born April 25,1910 in Kansas. He married Evelyn Georgiania Rose December 30, 1945. He died November 12, 1980 in Placer Co, California. Evelyn Georgiania Rose, daughter of , was born April 06, 1914.

Children of Keith Raymond Comfort and Evelyn Georgiania Rose are:
1. Floriene Gaye Comfort, b. [private] See Thomas Summy & Floriene Gaye Comfort
2. Janis Lee Comfort, b. [private] See Rusell Crowder & Janis Lee Comfort
3. Jenice Lee Comfort, b. [private] See Jim Sevold & Jenice Lee Comfort

Notes for Keith Raymond Comfort:

Sources for Keith Raymond Comfort:

  1. Death Records: California (online), 04/25/1910 CAUGHER M KANSAS PLACER 11/12/1980 70 yrs

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