Robert Josiah Comfort, son of Josiah Comfort and Margaret Ann O'Daniel , was born November 04,1866 in Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co, Kansas. He married Alice Lenora Cougher April 06, 1899 in Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co, Kansas, by Probate Judge M Hasty. He died April 20, 1951 in Woodward Rest Home, Santa Cruz, California. Alice Lenora Cougher, daughter of John Glover Cougher and Clara Buehl , was born March 16, 1881 in Pennsylvania. She died September 28, 1970 in Garden Convalescence Hosp, Santa Cruz, California.

Children of Robert Josiah Comfort and Alice Lenora Cougher are:
1. Marguerite Beth Comfort, b. August 02, 1901 See Willis Williams & Marguerite Beth Comfort
2. Edith Pearl Comfort, b. January 23, 1900 See Harald Adelphus Sundean & Edith Pearl Comfort
3. Clyde Robert Comfort, b. July 27, 1903 See Clyde Robert Comfort & Frances OR Clyde Robert Comfort & Grace La Harne
4. Alyce Viola Comfort, b. April 24, 1905 See Bertrand Orsband Darland & Alyce Viola Comfort
5. Florence Grace Comfort, b. November 25, 1908
6. Keith Raymond Comfort, b. April 25, 1910 See Keith Raymond Comfort & Evelyn Georgiania Rose
7. Wayne Willis Comfort, b. July 27, 1915 See Wayne Willis Comfort & Alta Gertrude Bently
8. Harold Rodney Comfort, b. February 23, 1922

Notes for Robert Josiah Comfort:

Owned a dairy farm in Santa Cruz, California.

Sources for Robert Josiah Comfort:

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Notes for Alice Lenora Cougher:

[CFofA] When married, she was of Westmoreland, Kansas.
[note from Stephen Williams (sdw)] I seem to remember seeing Alice
Lenora referred to as "Mary Alice". Likely named after her father's
sister, Mary Alice (Cougher) Pitcairn.

Sources for Alice Lenora Cougher:

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Notes for Florence Grace Comfort:

Sources for Florence Grace Comfort:

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Notes for Harold Rodney Comfort:

Sources for Harold Rodney Comfort:

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