Bertrand Orsband Darland was born April 30,1898. He married Alyce Viola Comfort April 27, 1923. He died December 01, 1975 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. Alyce Viola Comfort, daughter of Robert Josiah Comfort and Alice Lenora Cougher , was born April 24, 1905 in Kansas. She died March 18, 1970 in Los Angeles Co, California.

Children of Bertrand Orsband Darland and Alyce Viola Comfort are:
1. Ruth Elaine Darland, b. [private] See ? ? & Ruth Elaine Darland OR Homer David Anderson & Ruth Elaine Darland OR Robert Clarence Lee & Ruth Elaine Darland
2. Billy Wayne Darland, b. [private] See Billy Wayne Darland & Esther Elizabeth Eastham

Notes for Bertrand Orsband Darland:

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Notes for Alyce Viola Comfort:

Sources for Alyce Viola Comfort:

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