William Comfort, son of Benjamin Comfort and Elizabeth Heywood , was born abt. 1728 in New York, New York. He married Elizabeth Maul bef. 1754. He died 1798 in Montgomery, Orange Co, New York. Elizabeth Maul, daughter of Christoffel Maul and Anna Juliana Sergius , was born September 25, 1727 in Walkill Twp, Orange Co, New York.

Children of William Comfort and Elizabeth Maul are:
1. Joshua Comfort, b. November 04, 1769 See Joshua Comfort & Phoebe Wilson
2. William Comfort, b. January 13, 1754 See William Comfort & Mary (Maria) Johnson
3. David C. Comfort, b. between January 04, 1764 and 1765
4. Josiah Comfort
5. Elizabeth W. Comfort, b. abt. 1759
6. Susanna "Susan" Comfort, b. abt. 1761
7. Catherine Comfort, b. 1763

Notes for William Comfort:

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John Comfort of Lanesboro (p. 213) recalled seeing William Comfort, whom
he named as a nephew of his grandfather Robert, along with William's sons
William, David, and Joshua. William may well have been b. c1728; this
would fit well with the probable time of his marriage. He d. at
Montgomery, and is bd. at Goodwill Presb. Ch.
For at least the period from 1749 to 1769, he took part in the work
of Montgomery R. D. Ch. [Reformed Dutch Church]; four -- and perhpas more
-- of his children were bapt. there, and he frequently appeared as a
baptismal sponsor. On May 23, 1749, he and Christiana Melsbach sponsored
Matheis, son of Susannah Comfort and Peter Melsbach. On July 7, 1754, he
and Elizabeth sponsored William, another son of Susannah and Peter; on
Oct. 3, 1767, Wilhelmus, son of Wilhelmus Weller and Peternella Bull; and
on April 30, 1768, Deborah, dau. of John and Annatje Comfort. On Feb.
20, 1760, he (then of the Precinct of Wallkill, Ulster Co.) bought 294 A.
of land (Lot 12 of the 8000 Acre Tract) and on May 14 sold 207 A. of it.
He also sold land in 1761. On March 20, 1777, he witnessed the will of
Helmus Weller of Hanover Precinct. He is probably the William Comfort
listed in connection with land bounty rights for Revolutionary service to
Capt. John Brinkerhoff's 4th Ulster Co. Regt.; possibly, however, this
record refers to his son William, Jr. In 1787, he is said to have
acquired land in the 10000 Acre Tract, the deed of which is preserved in
Kingston, N. Y.; perhaps this is the land mentioned in his will as
acquired from Cadwallader Colden. In 1761, he was named executor of the
will of Peter Milspaw, husband of Susannah Comfort. James Hall Comfort,
his great, great grandson, reported the family story that William, along
with Benjamin and John, came from Scotland in the period from 1730 to
1740. His will was made July 14, 1796, and was probated at Goshen on
Aug. 17, 1798.
Issue 7 (perhaps 8).

Notes for Elizabeth Maul:

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She was a sister of John comfort's wife Annatje. The record of her death
is said to be at Goodwill Presb. Ch.

Notes for David C. Comfort:

Notes for Elizabeth W. Comfort:

Notes for Susanna "Susan" Comfort:

Notes for Catherine Comfort:

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