Benjamin Comfort, son of Robart Cumfort , was born 1698 in Elmhurst Twp, Queens Co, New York. He married Elizabeth Heywood 7 MAR 1723/24 in Newton Presbyterian Church, Newton Twp, Queens Co, Long Island, New York. He died between 1756 and 1790. Elizabeth Heywood was born 1709 in Crompton, Shaw, Lancstershire, England.

Children of Benjamin Comfort and Elizabeth Heywood are:
1. William Comfort, b. abt. 1728 See William Comfort & Elizabeth Maul
2. John Comfort, b. abt. 1725 See John Comfort & Annatje Maul

Notes for Benjamin Comfort:

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If Robert, Jr., is accepted as the son of Robart, two more of his
sons can be identified. John Comfort of Lanesboro, Pennsylvania,
stated in his letter to his son Silas that "brothers of the name of
Comfort -- Robert, Benjamin, and John moved from Long Island." As the
Robert mentioned was John of Lanesboro’s grandfather, the evidence is
strong that Benjamin and John were also children of Robart . This con-
clusion is supported by a letter written by Thomas Jefferson Comfort
in which he says that his grandfather was Robert, "the brother of a
John who settled in New Jersey." In addition, Amzi Wickman Comfort,
Thomas Jefferson Comfort’s son, named Benjamin, John, and Thomas as
brothers of Robert. Of Thomas, more later; but the evidence strikes
us as conclusive that Robart Cumfort was the father of Robert, Jr.,
John, and Benjamin.


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Records at Newtown, Long Island, show that Benjamin was a tailor by
trade; that he was adult in 1715, by which time he had already been a
witness to the division of a salt meadow; that he m. Elizabeth Haywood in
1724; that he was a landowner at Newtown at least as early as March,
1727; that he acquired more land in 1732 and 1736; that he was widowed
and remarried (p. 522) before 1733; that 3 of his children were bapt. at
Newtown Presb. Ch. in 1731, 1734, and 1736; and that he sold some 52 A.
of land at Newtown for over 207 pounds in 1737; thereafter, as both Amzi
Wickman Comfort and John Comfort of Lanesboro agree, he removed with his
family up the Hudson to what was later to be Montgomery Twp., Orange Co.
The fact that his name does not appear in Newtown Presb. Ch. records
between 1724 and 1731 may be accounted for by the supposition that he had
fallen away from that church for a time; we do not know that he was ever
a member. As he is not named in the 1790 census, we assume that he d.
before that date; but, as his son Benjamin was referred to as Benjamin,
Jr., in 1756, he apparently was then alive. Issue: at least 6 [children].

Notes for Elizabeth Heywood:

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We have no record of Elizabeth's birth or death; she may have d. before
1728, when deaths were first recorded at Newtown Presb. Ch. and Benjamin
may have delayed the christening of his dau. Sussannah for some time; or,
if the family lost contact with that church for some years, she may have
d. as late as 1730 or 1731. At any rate, the fact that no mother's name
appears in the record of Susannah's baptism suggests that Elizabeth was
her mother and that she was dead before Susannah was baptised.

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