Elmer Joseph Bird was born February 22,1895. He married Ona Bernice Comfort August 02, 1916. Ona Bernice Comfort, daughter of Louis Lyman Comfort and Jennie Brown , was born December 22, 1893. She died July 01, 1989 in from Wichita Eagle/Beacon, KS obit: dated 26 Jul 1989.

Children of Elmer Joseph Bird and Ona Bernice Comfort are:
1. Roy Thomas Bird, b. May 10, 1917 See Roy Thomas Bird & Louise Cummings
2. Robert Elmer Bird, b. April 08, 1919 See Robert Elmer Bird & Patricia Wagner
3. Lee Edwin Bird, b. May 10, 1920 See Lee Edwin Bird & Helen Alice Dorfshaffer
4. Irma Eileen Bird, b. January 15, 1924 See Sayed M. Gaafar & Irma Eileen Bird
5. Byron George Bird, b. [private] See Byron George Bird & Donna Marie Battin

Marriage Notes for Elmer Joseph Bird\Ona Bernice Comfort:

They lived at Great Bend and Albert, Kansas.

Notes for Elmer Joseph Bird:

Notes for Ona Bernice Comfort:

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