Thomas Jefferson Comfort, son of Richard Comfort and Charity Perkins , was born April 30,1794. He married Abigail Depew Daved . He died July 01, 1880. Abigail Depew Daved was born April 18, 1790. She died between 7 and March 08, 1826.

Children of Thomas Jefferson Comfort and Abigail Depew Daved are:
1. Amzi Wickman Comfort, b. October 29, 1814 See Amzi Wickman Comfort & Eliza Van Ornum
2. Elam Tyler Comfort
3. Emmaline Comfort
4. Balkam Newell Comfort
5. Isaac Clendenning Comfort
6. Emma Ann Bacher Comfort

Other Marriages for Thomas Jefferson Comfort:
See Thomas Jefferson Comfort & Sarah Odell

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