Amzi Wickman Comfort, son of Thomas Jefferson Comfort and Abigail Depew Daved , was born October 29,1814. He married Eliza Van Ornum October 21, 1840 in Green Co, Wisconsin. He died June 13, 1901. Eliza Van Ornum was born June 03, 1817. She died February 25, 1884.

Children of Amzi Wickman Comfort and Eliza Van Ornum are:
1. Thomas Jefferson Comfort
2. Oscar Henry Comfort, b. March 19, 1843 See Oscar Henry Comfort & Adaline Martha Woodward
3. Edwin Marsh Comfort
4. Lewis Cass Comfort
5. Charles David Comfort
6. Francis Vivien Comfort
7. Allen Hopkins Comfort
8. Edith Priscilla Comfort

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